December 30, 2010
Jessi May

Jessi May, Twitter seems to dislike this girl for so many reasons it’s ridiculous. People have told us all about Jessi may and how she is a 2 faced bitch and needs to shut up and stop making twitter drama over nothing. Not only does Jessi annoy a good amount of people on twitter, she also seems to have ‘twitter fights’ with the same fucking people.

Many people have seen
 Jessi get into fights with a couple people over the fact that they’ve unfollowed her. She used to constantly tweet the big twitter accounts until she simply annoyed them into following her. Then, she’d constantly DM them every day to talk, which drove them to eventually unfollow her. Jessi, you are annoying. If you want friends on twitter, lean to shut your fucking mouth once in a while. You have to let people come to you.. if you’re going be friends with someone its going happen eventually. Dont try to force it okay? 

This girl was a nobody on twitter before until she started to suck up to the bigger twitter accounts on a regular basis to get noticed and quite frankly its pissing a lot of people off.  She tries to be funny, and loves to tweet about who shes iChatting with! Jessi, if anyone cared, WHICH THEY DONT, They’d ask…. You don’t need to fucking tweet about it every god damn second because no one gives a fuck. Clearly.

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate what this girl really is… a ‘twitter social climber’, if you will. I find that very idea quite laughable. This is the internet, what could possibly posses a person to feel the need to ‘twitter social climb’.

Something strikes seems to strike us all as odd when it comes to Jessi… we tweeted her in advance that we were writing this blog… and, quite frankly she freaked out…  and asked us not to blog ‘lies’ about her… we don’t blog lies. Only the truth, if the source isn’t credible we don’t use it… so why are you freaking Jessi? Do you have something to hide… ;)

Not to quote mean girls but “WATCH OUT FOR THIS GIRL, SHE IS A FUGLY SLUT” 


Lol just kidding shes not ugly. Shes actually really pretty.. We’re moderately jealous. 

December 30, 2010
‘THE’ (Emphasis on the ‘the’) Rob Swanson

I’m sure all of you are quite familiar with this particular name seeing as Rob, I’m sorry, THE Rob, has over 10,000 followers. Robs bio readsYoung director/editor. You only live once so DREAM BIG” Inspiring words from an inspiring guy, right?  Yeah, okay not really…

 Sorry Rob, but it’s hard to believe that you’re a ‘young director/editor’ when you really haven’t done anything legitimate? Has any of your work been recognized off of twitter? The answer is clearly no, It hasn’t.  Just because you make backgrounds doesn’t mean you’re a ‘director/editor’… Not saying your backgrounds aren’t good though. They’re fabulous..

You’re videos are subpar, and anyone could make them.  All you’d really have to do is take an old camera… go to a concert… and record. What makes a person an editor/director is actual results, you can’t just call yourself a director or an editor when someone else could do the exact same thing, just as easily. Rob, you have to be original.. what you’re doing absolutely anyone could do.

How old are you again Robb? 18? What kind of 18 year old trolls around in tiny chats insulting 12 year old Justin Bieber fans? One that has nothing better to do with their time clearly… We’ve been messaged repeatedly about your antics in these tiny chats. Calling 12 year olds ugly and arguing with them? Do you not understand how weird that is? You are 18… get your ass out of tinychats… and get a job… a real one… I’ll admit you do have quite the talent for graphic design… Why don’t you purse that further instead of titling yourself falsely?

So Robb, maybe this blog will change things? Or maybe you’ll just freak out at us like you’ve done to so many others.  We’ve noticed in the past that you seem to have quite the temper.  Why don’t you TRY to at least keep it under control and maybe stay out of tiny chats with 12 year olds? Thanks.


December 29, 2010
NiggerBelieber aka ‘Jeneequa Jones’

Im sure most of you know about this twitter account from all the obnoxious retweets this girl gets. Can you really blame anyone that retweets her though?  Who takes this shit seriously? I don’t know if there is in fact, a real girl behind this twitter or if its a joke… but with tweets like the following. Can you really be sure?

Its so hard to decide if this account is real or not. She’s just tweeting about her life… and we’re just laughing at her.  It was funny at first… but that’s when everyone thought it was a joke… now she has a baby… and a baby daddy.. and shes 16…?? If this is a joke it’s been taken way to far… I mean it’s still hilarious, and I HIGHLEY recommend her as one of your next follows because her tweets will for sure make you laugh… but its just something that’s been bugging us lately.

Is this twitter account a racist joke or is it someone’s real thoughts and opinions? Common Jeneequa? We’re curious! 

Tell us your opinions at

 Quick fact about ‘Jeneequa’: she wants to be Justin Biebers “AfRiiKaN QuEen”

December 29, 2010
Ryan Barton

Ryan Barton. Please just go look at his twitter, and tell me what you think? Just kidding… that wouldn’t be much of a blog would it now would it? I have been contacted by a few people on twitter, all who have expressed frustration and suspicion for this young boy. After finally giving in and checking out his twitter I’ve decided that he is indeed worthy of a blog.

Did you like what I did there? I acted like I thought this blog was the shit… When in reality we have 72 followers.  That’s kind of what Ryan Barton is like! Ryan Barton is a cocky asshole who thinks he has fans. In reality Ryan only has 1,836 followers that’s not even half the amount that Kellie Rae has, yet does she act like she has fans for doing absolutely nothing? No. She doesn’t. But Ryan feels the need to tweet his fan girls things like “@1351blondie what u got girl its hard to find i just cant get u off my mind because ur love ur love ur love is my drug”

I just want to know why he can’t spell? He types like a 2 year old… yet he’s how old, 15? Either the literacy rate has gone down in America or this boy is just EXTREAMLY stupid.

One look at his twitter and do you all think fake? Google Corey Delaney… how much does Corey look like the boy in Ryan’s background? I would say they’re identical… maybe even the same person..? Has Ryan ever been in a tiny chat?  Have any of you ever seen him on camera?  The answer is probably no… Doesn’t that seem a bit weird to you?

Ryan Barton Is either fake or he just has an incredibly fake personality. Either way, he’s a cocky piece of shit and he’s really starting to annoy a lot of people on twitter.

Come clean Ryan, before you start to annoy us personally… We’d like to talk to you… we’ve got a couple questions.

December 29, 2010
Taylor Filorimo

Taylor Filorimo, we hold this blog particularly close to our heart and this will be a lot more personal then our other blogs. Taylor Filorimo has Cancer. Taylor was diagnosed with a rare form of Renal Cell Carcinoma and is the youngest child alive with it. The cancer has changed and now it is METASTATIC RENAL CELL CARCINOMAPAPILLARY TYPE 2  CANCER IS IN  BOTH LUNGS! 

All this girl wants to do is meet Justin Bieber, and you know what she deserves it. She supports children who are younger than her and that have cancer, she supports the people around her with her magnetic personality and positive outlook on life. Taylor has been delt a difficult hand in life but still manages to be grateful for what she has.

I know this blog isn’t long or juicy, but this girl really deserves the world and after you read this blog I want you all to go follow her @TaylorFilorimo and I want you all to go tweet her #pray4tay because, it may seem like some small tweet or prayer to you, but to this girl, it means the world. Your prayers give her hope. They make her smile, and this little girl deserves to smile.

If you can tweet Taylor, please tweet @Justinbieber and his whole team #pray4tay and hopefully, just maybe, they’ll see and they’ll make Taylors dream come true. We love you Taylor, and we are and ALWAYS will #pray4tay



December 28, 2010
Brooke Nicole

Brooke Nicole, our next twitter whore. I don’t know how many of you know of this girl… but if you don’t you should.  Lets be clear, We don’t think Brooke is a whore we just think she shouldn’t tweet about her ‘sexual encounters’.  A few quick facts about Brooke… her two twitter best friends are Amanda and Alexis… but, can you really trust them Brooke? Considering you’ve only told 4 people what i’m about to tell all of twitter, the answer is no.

Brooke why would you tweet about having sex at homecoming when you were 13? First of all no one believes you. If you had sex would you tweet about it or tweet things like ‘lol u can officially call me a whore now’? I really don’t think so…? Secondly isn’t that a bit young to be having sex…. maybe you should change the story up a little? Maybe you just gave him head? Oh wait I meant THEM.

You told 4 people you hooked up with 6 guys at homecoming but grinded with more than 20? Can we please just choose realistic numbers? We think these are lies, but we’re not sure. The one thing we are sure about is Brooke flashing a little boy named Jake Swope. Don’t worry he flashed her back.

Brooke has quite the reference list when it comes to exposing her chest.  She’s flashed 3 Guys to my knowledge.

Jake Swope, who deleted his twitter because of another indiscretion with ANOTHER 12 year old named Izzy. Hes got a thing for 12 year olds apparently….

Some guy named Chris whose twitter name at the moment escapes me but whatever.

Brooke also flashed @MacKlimasko. Another ‘stratford fellow’ are we noticing a pattern here anyone? It seems if you’re from Stratford you just automatically get mad twitter pussy!

Sorry to ruin your twitter life just next time please tell the truth about your ‘sexual encounters’. 


lol brooke. meet tweezers
tweezers meet your worst nightmare


December 28, 2010
Kelli Rae

Kelli Rae, all of you talk so much shit about this girl…. but yet again, just like Brianne…. do you actually even know her?  Yes, Kelli may come off as a bit of a bitch on her form spring, but then again, who doesn’t? Put yourself in Kelli’s shoes. She has 5,825 followers and a lot of those followers, for some random reason… seem to dislike her very strongly. They write mean things about her in her form spring…  and quite frankly if you were in her position you would be guarded too.

Ponder this for a quick second. If you had 100’s of people writing to you in your form spring insulting you, would you act nicely towards them? No you wouldn’t! Kelli has people calling her fake and saying she’s a bitch constantly. Im sure Kelli understands that not everyone that writes in her form spring or tweets her has negative intentions, but its hard to not generalize when you have so many people coming after you.

Keep in mind, if you tweet her and she doesn’t reply… you shouldn’t be mad at her… its her twitter, she will respond to you if she wants too. It doesn’t mean she’s a bitch if she doesn’t reply… it just means that she probably has nothing to say in response to your tweet. I’m sure that she doesn’t think she’s better than any of you. She doesn’t seem like that kind of person.

Our impression of Kelli is the following; She’s not a mean person, she’s actually really nice. If you skype with her she will never be the person yelling at someone else.  She’s rational.  In the previous ‘debacle’ with Chris Brennan (the man we love to hate but hate to love) she appeared to be the only level headed person in the fight.

Bottom line is, I’m sure if you all got to know her you’d realize she’s nothing like the monster you all make her out to be.

P.S Kelli. The is such a gorgeous photo! You are such a gorgeous girl!

December 28, 2010
Caroline Sophia

Im sure many of you are quite familiar with the name. Caroline comes off at first impression as a ‘stratty stalker’. Many of you dismiss her instantly as just another crazy girl who thinks she’s friends with the Stratford boys… This would be true… to a fault. Let us explain…

Last year on December 22nd Caroline got to hang out with Justin, Ryan, Chaz and Mitch at MOD. This being the reason that everyone knows her. She tells people that the reason she hung out with them is because Ryan invited her to do so. This is untrue.. The real reason is that Caroline flashed a boy named Cypress who is friends with Justin… so Cypress told Justin and that’s why she got to hang out with them.

After this Caroline became friends with one of our favourite girls on twitter, Sara Balyeat (Don’t take this sarcastically, we really do like her!). Caroline did this because Sara talked to Ryan and all the Stratford boys. When Caroline was friends with Sara, Caroline could talk to them too. When Sara Balyeat was down in the summer Caroline knew that Sara would be chilling with Ryan… Since Caroline has a car she went down to Stratford and hung out with them. While hanging out with them Caroline INSISTED on taking a video for attention… Also a little known fact about our friend Caroline… she indeed was the one who told Bieber Heiress information regarding Sara Balyeat. What Bieber Heiress didn’t know was that what Caroline told them about Sara was untrue. Caroline just wanted Ryan to get mad at Sara for reasons that are unknown to us…

Caroline has also performed sexual acts on 2 guys from Stratford. We will not disclose who or what she did… let’s just say that it’s not something Caroline should be proud of. Performing sexual acts simply because someone is from Stratford and/or knows your favourite singer is not okay….
She claims that Chaz followed her because he ‘missed’ her, when in reality it’s because she bought his friends things, and he wanted some too. He then promptly unfollowed her clearly realizing his mistake.

She tells people that Justin told her, when he goes to Toronto, he wants to meet up with her. She didn’t want to though, why you may ask? Because she thought Ryan would get mad, which is clearly a lie because Justin was in Toronto just a couple nights ago.. Why isn’t he with Caroline? Because she was lying…

Caroline is clearly just another obsessed belieber. Even Ryan realized this and stopped talked to her for a while, but she bought him dvds, so he refollowed her

Lets do a little tabulation of everything shes purchased the Stratford boys:
- Caroline bought Derek Caven a snowboard
- Caroline bought Matt Mccabe a shirt,
- Caroline bought Ryan Butler some DVD’s (as previously said before)  
- Caroline bought some other stuff for some kids last time she went to Stratford aswell but we don’t feel the need to list them. We’ve already listed enough

Caroline I know you’re reading this and I just want to make something very clear. STOP. Stop acting like a whore. It’s not cool and it doesn’t get you positive attention. Stop making up lies about Justin Bieber cause in reality, NO ONE CARES the only people that will EVER care are 12 year olds on twitter. Stop using your money to get you places, because in real life you can’t do that. No one believes you’re actually friends with them except you. They use you to buy them stuff. That’s it. They aren’t your friends, they think you’re crazy.. I know that this won’t change things and you’ll relish in the attention you get from this blog, I’m sure. I can already anticipate your suggestive tweets now. Oh joy. I just felt all of twitter had a right to know what kind of a lying backstabbing bitch you are.

Make that duck face one more time Caroline. Common Do it. I dare you

Lol I dared you. 

December 28, 2010
Brianne Long ‘nose’

Brianne Long, some of you have labelled her as many things because of her ‘flirtatious’ tweets to people such as Ryan, Chaz, Mitch and Justin. You say she’s a liar and you call her a ‘stratty slut’ but in reality none of you really even know her. Basically, what you all do is judge her based on the twitter hate blogs that you’ve read about her, but do any of you know the real story? The REAL Brianne Long?

Firstly let me clear a few things up… Brianne has NEVER had sex with Justin, Ryan or Chaz. I don’t know if she ever would, face it, they’re not bad looking boys and i’m sure if any of you had the chance you’d jump on their dicks so fast that your heads would spin. You all are honestly just jealous of the fact that one or two of these boys do indeed know her name and have indeed talked to her.

IF Brianne has talked to Ryan or Chaz, so what?!?! They are 2 boys from Stratford that no one would really care about if they didn’t know Justin Bieber. You as fans are here to support Justin and his MUSIC. What don’t you all get about being fans? Being a fan doesn’t mean you are entitled to private information about Justin’s life. Basically, what i’m getting at is if you want to support Justin and his friends don’t tear down and attack the people they talk to! Be happy for them and let them live their lives!

Brianne HAS NEVER flashed either of those boys. She may as well have though because even though she didn’t all you people do is assume she did without even the slightest shred of evidence. Stop making assumptions about people you don’t even know! Brianne has morals and is a wonderful girl, and even if she did, WHICH SHE DID NOT, I do not see how it is any of your business?

Lastly, Recently Brianne has been talking about how her & her friends were in a tiny chat with Justin Bieber and how he called her on skype. This information is 100% truthful. Though no screen shots were taken it did indeed happen. After they left the tiny chat THEY DID CALL BRIANNE ON SKYPE and Brianne did talk to Justin.

 Quite frankly I don’t see why you are all hating on the fact that Brianne talked to Justin? Shes a FAN and don’t fans support other fans? You should be happy for her not ripping her down! Her night was made! Don’t take that away from her let her rejoice and be happy!  If you had talked to Justin on skype wouldn’t you tweet about it? Wouldnt It hurt you if someone had the audacity to say that ‘you didn’t deserve it’. Brianne deserved what she got, if you don’t like that go cry to someone that cares.

In conclusion Brianne is just one of the many girls who is misunderstood and judged for no reason. Though this blog may not have changed many of your minds, I hope it changed a few.

The beautiful Brianne Long

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